From the East

From the East

Dacula Lodge was born on  Monday, November 1st, 1900  when it was chartered Under

the Jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia with  Brother Alvin L. Sammon  installed as our

first Worshipful Master.

Since our inception more than 117 years ago, our Lodge has been an important part of our

community in building strong leaders of exceptional character and attending to those in need of aide

and assistance.  Our Dacula brethren include mayors, doctors, educators, sheriffs and a wealth of

other leaders in our community.  Many of our early brethren have been honored on many of our

Dacula street signs, including Wilson, Booth, Ethridge, Pharr, Harbins, Hinton, Tanner, and

Yarbrough among just a few.

As Masons we also make a commitment to God, ourselves, our Country and fellow Brothers

that we will strive to be good men and Masons in all our transactions both inside and outside the

Lodge.  This is a lifelong commitment and sets us apart. Dacula Lodge looks forward to continuing

the great work of this Lodge and this Fraternity.

In 2017, we look forward to playing a greater role in the our Dacula community. In 2017 we

will host a community blood drive, participate in the Dacula Memorial Day Parade, participate in

Wreaths Across America, award a Scholarship to a deserving Dacula High School Student and

Teacher, continue to host the Girl Scouts of America and Boy Scouts of America Units, host a

Georgia Child Identification Program event, host an open house of the Lodge along with The

Gwinnet Historical Society, participate in The Dacula Fall Festival and also participate in many other

events and affairs to bring great light and service to our community.

Safe Travels and hope to see you soon at our next Lodge dinner and meeting.

Worshipful Master 2017

Tom C. Tuchschmidt II


Masonic Labor

“Masonic Labor is purely a labor of Love.  He who seeks to draw Masonic wages in gold and

silver will be disappointed.  The wages of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealings with

one another; Sympathy that begets Sympathy, Kindness that begets Kindness, Helpfulness that

begets Helpfulness, and these are the wages of a Mason.” – Ben Franklin