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If you would like to donate, please fill out the form below. Where more than 1 item is needed, each item should be the size requested. So for example, we need 6 donations of a 5 pound package of ground beef for a total of 30 pounds. If you wanted to donate say 10 pounds, just say you will be donating 2 of those items. Please contact WB Steve Milledge or Brother Rich Petersen if you have any questions.

The number needed will be updated as people pledge donations.

IngredientSize# NeededDonator(s)
Ground Beef5 Pounds0Rick Meehan – All
Ground Pork5 Pounds0Rich Petersen – All
Ground Chicken8 Pounds6 (48 lbs Total)
Chicken Broth1 Gallon0Harold Brown – All
Crushed Tomatoes4 Gallons0Roger Warner and
Gene Greeson – All
Whole Kernel Corn4 Gallons0We already have enough corn
Ketchup1 Gallon0Harold Brown – All
Salt3 Cups1 (3 Cups Total)
Pepper1.5 Cups1
Dehydrated Onions6 Cups1 (6 Cups Total)
Vinegar1 1/2 Quarts1
Texas Pete Hot Sauce24 Ounces1Will Phillips