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If you would like to donate, please fill out the form below. Where more than 1 item is needed, each item should be the size requested. So for example, we need 6 donations of a 5 pound package of ground beef for a total of 30 pounds. If you wanted to donate say 10 pounds, just say you will be donating 2 of those items. Please contact WB Steve Milledge or Brother Rich Petersen if you have any questions.

The number needed will be updated as people pledge donations.

IngredientSize# NeededDonator(s)
Ground Beef5 Pounds6
Ground Pork5 Pounds5Rich Petersen
Chicken8 Pounds6
Chicken Broth1 Gallon6
Crushed Tomatoes4 Gallons6
Whole Kernel Corn4 Gallons0We already have enough corn
Ketchup1 Gallon6
Salt3 Cups1
Pepper1.5 Cups1
Dehydrated Onions6 Cups1
Vinegar6 Cups1
Texas Pete Hot Sauce24 Ounces1